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Cancer Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

Selected Publications

Edwin Wang (ed), Cancer Systems Biology, CRC Press, 2010(The first book of the cancer systems biology field), In AmazonCRC PressWikiGoogle Book 


Research Articles

Shanwu Gao, Chabane Tibiche, Jinfeng Zou, Naif Zaman, Mark Trifiro, Maureen O?Connor-McCourt, and Edwin Wang, Identification and Construction of Combinatory Cancer Hallmark-Based Gene Signature Sets to Predict Recurrence and Chemotherapy Benefit in Stage II Colorectal Cancer, JAMA Oncology, 2:37-45, 2016,  on-line (PDF)Supplemental Material (PDF),  (JAMA, NEJM and Lancet are the 3 top clinical journals), Reuters NewsPMID: 26502222

Zaman N. ?. Edwin Wang, Signaling network assessment of mutations and copy number variations predict breast cancer subtype-specific drug targets, Cell Reports (a new Cell sister journal), 5:216-223, 2013, Paper in Cell PressPMID: 24075989 

Li L., Fu C., Tibiche C., Kaneko T., Schiller M., Li S., Wang, Edwin, The human phosphotyrosine signaling network: evolution and hotspots of hijacking in cancer, Genome Research22:1222-30, 2012, Paper in Genome Res, Highlighted in 7th Annual RECOMB Systems Biology, 2011, PMID: 22194470

 Li. J., Lenferink, AE., Cantin, C., Purisima EO., O?Connor-McCourt, MD., and Edwin Wang, Identification of high quality cancer prognostic markers and metastasis network modules, Nature Communications, 1:34, 2010, Paper in Nature Communications. GEN's Tech Tips: Protein Biomarker Discovery, 2010. Commentary,NRC HighlightsPMID: 20975711

Cui Q, Ma Y, Jaramillo M, Bari H, Awan A, Yang S, Zhang S, Liu L, Lu M, O'Connor-McCourt M, Purisima EO, Edwin WangA map of human cancer signaling, (Nature/EMBO) Molecular Systems Biology, 3:152, 2007, Paper in Molecular Systems Biology (MSB)Highlighted in Genome Technology Magazine (PDF),  Highlight Track in 16th International Conference of ISMB, 2008, NRC Highlights PMID:16969338

Cui Q, Yu Z, Purisima EO, Wang Edwin, MicroRNA regulation and cross-species variation of gene expression, Trends Genet., 23:372-375, 2007, PDFPaper in Cell Press

Cui Q, Yu Z, Purisima EO, Wang Edwin, Principles of microRNA regulation of a human cellular signaling network, (Nature/EMBO) Molecular Systems Biology, 2:46, 2006Paper in Molecular Systems Biology (MSB) PMID:16969338

Edwin Wang*, Purisima E., Network motifs are enriched with transcription factors whose transcripts have short half-lives, Trends Genet. 21:492-495, 2005, PDFPaper in Cell Press 


Visionary Essays 

Edwin Wang* et al., Predictive Genomics: A cancer hallmark network framework for predicting tumor clinical phenotypes using genome sequencing data, Seminars in Cancer Biology (Invited review), 2014, PDFPMID: 24747696

Edwin Wang* et al., Cancer systems biology in the genome sequencing era: Part 1, dissecting and modeling of tumor clones and their networks, Seminars in Cancer Biology (Invited Review), 23:279-285,2013, PDFPMID: 23791722 

Edwin Wang* et al., Cancer systems biology in the genome sequencing era: Part 2, evolutionary dynamics of tumor clonal networks and drug resistance, Seminars in Cancer Biology (Invited Review), 23:286-292,2013, PDFPMID: 23792107 

Edwin Wang, A roadmap of cancer systems biology, In Edwin Wang (ed), Cancer Systems Biology, CRC Press, 2010, PDF, Nature Precedings, 201


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Edwin Wang, PhD

AISH Chair Professor in Cancer Genomics/informatics
University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine
Center for Health Genomics and Informatics
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Department of Medical Genetics
Department of Oncology
Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute
Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Research Institute
O'Brien Institute of Public Health 
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Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine
McGill University, Montreal, Canada