Edwin Wang Lab

Cancer Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

PhD students and Postdocs Positions Available 

Graduate students and Postdoc positions available. Check out our research and apply!

We welcome students and postdoc fellows from diverse backgrounds, including computer science, math, statistics, bioinformatics, genomics, and biology. If you're interested in our research, please send your CV and transcript (if you're a student) to [email protected].

We could provide research assistantships for these positions. There are also fellowships available. 

For prospective graduate students, please check the following website for admission process:

Cumming School of Medicine: 

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (bioinformatics specificity): Link



For prospective postdocs, we have multiple positions:

Salary ranges from $50,000-110,000/year, more info:



Scholarship and fellowship awards:

Here are a list of internal and external funding opportunities. 

Beverley Phillips Rising Star Program, University of Calgary,  for student and postdoc, deadline: March 1 and October 1



For Postdoctoral fellow (more information click here): 

NSERC:  deadline:  Monday, October 12, 2016

CIHR: deadline: Wednesday, October 28, 2016

Banting: deadline: Sept 23, 2016 ;  internal LOI due in May 

AIHS: deadline:  Monday, September 28, 2016



For Graduate Student (more information click here

NSERC- Master's student  December 1;  PhD student October 15 

CIHR- PhD: September 28

To find more internal and external awards, follow the links below.