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Deep Learning edited by Goodfellow, Bengio and Courville, MIT Press, 2016. Free online

Neural networks and deep learning, online book 

LECTURES online:

Neural networks and deep learning by Hugo Larochelle

Deep Learning Tutorial at Stanford 

Neural networks and deep learning by Geoffrey Hinton

Deep Learning Day 1 (Bay Area Learning School, 2016) :  1)Hugo Larochelle: Introduction on Feedforward Neural Network;2)Andrej Karpathy: Deep Learning for Computer Vision;3)Richard Socher: Deep Learning for NLP;4)Sherry Moore: TensorFlow Tutorial;5)Ruslan Salakhutdinov: Foundations of Deep Unsupervised Learning;6)Andrew Ng: Nuts and Bolts of Applying Deep Learning

Deep Learning Day 2 (Bay Area Learning School, 2016): 1) John Schulman: Foundation of Deep Reinforcement Learning;2)Pascal Lamblin: Introduction to Theano: A Fast Python library for Modelling & Training;3)Adam Coates & Vinay Rao: Speech Recognition and Deep Learning;4)Alex Wiltschko: Machine Learning with Torch & Autograd;5)Quoc Le: Sequence to Sequence by Deep Learning;5)Yoshua Bengio: Foundation and Challenges of Deep Learning

Fast.AI, an education resource for deep learning (eg., top-down approach to deep NNs)

Deep Learning Frameworks:

TensorFlow: construct your own deep learning applications

Theano: construct your own deep learning applications

Keras: deep learning library for TensorFlow and Theano.

Deep Learning Framework Comparison: here is the link

Deep Learning-based Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Publications: A collection